Safe and Clean

Safe and Clean

Safety is always foremost for Summit Maintenance. Carelessness can reduce the profitability of a facility and can affect the overall value of any property. To that end, Summit Maintenance is attentive to every safety measure while performing cleaning and maintenance services. We post signage to indicate when floors are wet or window crews are cleaning overhead. We have put our teams through safety training that includes practices to alert building tenants to unusual repairs and standard cleaning to eliminate accidents. It’s just one way that Summit Maintenance delivers exceptional and attentive services.

It is all about the right tool and knowing how to use it. Our time-tested cleaning processes promise quality service for you with every action, every day. In our training program, we teach the very processes that have earned Summit Maintenance one of the best reputations in this maintenance business. Our commitment to quality extends far beyond the basics. From window cleaning solutions to floor finish, the products we use mean a cleaner and healthier environment for tenants, employees and visitors.


Our Teams Make the Difference

At Summit Maintenance, we see to it that our teams are fully trained in the handling of cleaning solutions and their use and disposal:

  • Reduce the chance of property damage due to improper use of chemicals
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce the chance of injury by keeping a safer work environment

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Founded by Jeff Garcia in 1985, Summit Maintenance has earned a reputation of a trusted team in the building maintenance and janitorial services industries.

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