We're Green

We're Green

Cleaning Green means that we use chemicals and materials to protect your health and that of our teams without harming the environment.

  • Green Chemicals and Products - We use eco-friendly products for general purpose and specialty cleaning.
  • Hand-soaps - We use products that do not contain antimicrobial agents.
  • Micro-fiber Cloths & Mops - These help eliminate dust in the air and can be reused for minimal waste.
  • Eco-friendly Paper Products - "Hands-free" paper towel dispensers reduce the potential for cross-contamination.

High-capacity dispensers promote waste-reduction.

Contact us today so that we can tell you more about our Green-cleaning services.


Our Teams Make the Difference

At Summit Maintenance, we see to it that our teams are fully trained in the handling of cleaning solutions and their use and disposal:

  • Reduce the chance of property damage due to improper use of chemicals
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Reduce the chance of injury by keeping a safer work environment

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Founded by Jeff Garcia in 1985, Summit Maintenance has earned a reputation of a trusted team in the building maintenance and janitorial services industries.

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